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Outing the Senator is a conspiracy theorist's delight. Rather than rely on the same old, tired conspiracy stories, O'Toole provides original research, letting FBI files do the talking. FBI files prove conclusively that a media conspiracy existed, in joint concert with FDR, and his allies, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, to destroy this gallant, anti-war leader. While this book focuses on what happened to US Senator David Walsh, it would be extremely naïve to believe he was the only victim.

The anti-war movement in America was systematically destroyed by a barrage of British and Soviet propaganda, with the smearing of Walsh as a gay, caught in a Nazi homosexual brothel in Brooklyn, just the most outrageous example. Capitol Hill was silenced by blackmail and money, and was afraid to speak out against FDR, fearing they would be next.

This assured that FDR, Churchill, and Stalin could make their plans without that "Democracy in America" participating in the decision making. Unfortunately, those plans called for America to rescue Europe, only to see Eastern Europe given to Stalin as his prize for suffering such heavy losses. Did FDR forget that when the war started, Stalin was Hitler's ally? Unfortunately for Europeans, Churchill's interests lay with the British Empire, not rescuing civilians in Europe.

While the Nazi Spy Nest Case ran for three weeks as headlines in the New York Post, FBI files reveal that it simply did not exist. There were no Nazi spies, and Senator Walsh had no connection to the brothel. Most troubling, the FBI files reveal that the fantasy case was conducted by ACLU General Counsel Morris Ernst, who was serving as General Counsel to the New York Post at the time. No one was ever prosecuted for spying because the spies did not exist. The judge in the "Nazi Spy Nest Case," Samuel Liebowitz, had served in the 30's as lead counsel for the American Communist Party. This conspiracy to destroy Senator Walsh makes George Orwell's 1984 look tame. The book touches on other parts of a large conspiracy to destroy anti-war leaders, with the smearing of Lindbergh, Senator Burton Wheeler, and Senator Gerald Nye mentioned, as well as the assassination of William Rhodes Davis, an anti-war American businessman. The patriotic retired Army generals active in America First were smeared as "right wing nuts" even though they had very liberal backgrounds.

While the Biddle family name has often been connected to Big Tobacco, its mysterious control over the ACLU was never more evident than in 1950, when Roger Nash Baldwin, caught in a scandal, was forced to resign as Chairman. A Biddle son-in-law replaced him. Big Tobacco money is still pouring into the ACLU today despite pleas by anti-smoking groups to STOP.

When Baldwin was "kicked upstairs," named Chairman Emeritus, he asked the ACLU to pay his dues to membership organizations, but never asked them to pay his dues for the Century Club. Perhaps he did not want the ACLU membership to know he belonged to this mysterious club; a club that did not admit women until 1986. The Century Club, an organization of media moguls, was the one organization that could pull off the media smear of Senator David Ignatius Walsh.