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Welcome to the official website for Outing the Senator: Sex, Spies, and Videotape, the book by author David O'Toole that is available in stores now.

Here you will find information about upcoming events, as well as about the book, author, and where to purchase it.

On this website you will begin to discover a chilling tale right out of George Orwell; a tale of Big Brother that is alive and kicking today. You may not be able to tell who is liberal and who is conservative, who is progressive and who is evil. It took twenty years of research to uncover this plot. One thing is certain: when the drumbeat of war begins the decibel level provides the "smoke and mirrors" to confuse us all. The corrupting influence of money on the American left and right will be of no surprise to any reader. The cast of characters will surprise you. Some are obviously evil by any standard. Others, history should revisit. But beware: the progressive sitting next to you may not be as progressive as you think. They may be an agent of Big Brother. Please don't be paranoid - read the book first and make your own diagnosis.